WIPO procures goods and services from suppliers around the globe. Methods of solicitation may be formal or informal, based on the WIPO Financial Regulations and Rules and the WIPO General Procurement Principles PDF, WIPO Financial Regulations and Rules, Procurement and Purchase General Principles, Framework and Procedures. Our major objective is to obtain the best value for money through a transparent and fair procurement process.

Tendering platforms

Access to tenders & account for existing suppliers.

Access to registration & tenders at the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM).


Current open international tenders

Awarded tenders

What we buy

WIPO purchases a large range of goods and services. More than two thirds of our procurement value is comprised of building-related, translation and consulting services. The percentage breakdown by value of purchases by category can be found in our purchase statistics PDF, WIPO procurement statistics for 2012.

How we procure

WIPO acquires goods and services on the basis of a formal and informal contract award procedure following a competitive procurement process PDF, WIPO procurement process and procedures. WIPO does not promote, recommend or consider the engagement of outside consultants or intermediaries during any step of the procurement process. WIPO has a "zero tolerance" policy and expects suppliers not to offer any gift or offer of hospitality.

Conditions of contract

WIPO’s General Conditions PDF, WIPO general conditions of procurement are annexed to all tenders, and contract documents issued. WIPO reserves the right to modify and adapt, as necessary, its General Conditions, to meet the specific requirements of its procurement contracts.

Do I qualify as a potential supplier?

WIPO promotes the UN Supplier Code of Conduct PDF, UN Supplier Code of Conduct and asks suppliers to embrace a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption in accordance with the UN Global Compact Initiative and sustainable procurement principles.

How to register as potential supplier?

Suppliers are invited to register with WIPO in the United Nations Global Marketplace, and, to participate in our tenders, in our e-tendering platform. Both systems provide registered companies with secure access to information enabling them to participate in WIPO tenders such as requests for quotation (RFQs), invitations to bid (ITBs), or requests for proposal (RFPs).

  • Vendor registration PDF, WIPO e-tenders: vendor registration